INCH² evolution story

INCH2 is a fast-growing young brand founded in Northern Europe in 2015   

Driving passion behind the brand’s identity is a blend of a refined design of handcrafted footwear with strong charismatic personality


Combination of engaging alluring style and exquisite quality with digital competence was the foundation where a success of the INCH2 story came from. INCH2 was founded by Olga and Edward Peterson. Olga as promising young architect and Edward with an expertise in online marketing started the brand with only five styles which grew into a wide range of highly desired products with an ever-growing audience of supporters and devoted customers around the globe in just a couple of years.

The beginning of the story started out of alliance with a small shoemaker workshop in Riga, which handcraft just a few pairs per day. An evolution and development of new creative designs had attracted thousands of satisfied customers from all parts of the world.

However, initial lack of capacity of labour and financial and other resources brought challenges with the quality of shoes. The team had to start a challenging journey in a search of different manufacturers in Italy, Portugal and France. It was a time full of trials and adventures. However today we are glad and confident about the quality we can provide to our customers.


Just a few years from its foundation, working actively in e-commerce development company and using the most up-to-date tools that the Internet is capable of offering, the number of INCH2 active followers on social networks has grown to less than a million, generating a 10-fold increase in turnover over the year for over a year in a row and reaching over 15 million unique Internet users every month.

Such a result could be achieved thanks to a creative approach, detailed analysis, trend forecasts and up-to-date advertising campaigns that attracted a wide audience not only in Latvia but also beyond the national borders.
Eye-catching, refined designs of INCH2 had propelled the brand to be recognized all around the globe and had achieved support of 900’000+ committed followers on Facebook and Instagram.


Setting sales records one after another to meet growing demand was not only a well-desired turn of events, but it also brought a major challenge for the team. It was crucial to sustain the highest quality of their styles and stay true to their price tag, as premium shoes are worth the price, boast a high level of wearing comfort and are significantly longer-lasting than their cheaply mass-produced counterparts. The team had faced challenges in finding shoemakers meeting their needs in quality.

As by far not all the manufacturers were able to keep up to a high level of the team’s requirements, they had successfully settled with a few exceptionally skilful craftsmen.

The same manufacturers produce for some of the most well-known luxury brands, such as KENZO, Lanvin, Maison Martin Margiela, Givenchy, Alexander Wang etc. 


The fast expansion of the supplier's network was really demanding and the achievement that has followed was not an easy task to accomplish, giving the level of challenges appeared to be high indeed. All the challenges and obstacles occurred along the development way formed such values as devotion and loyalty - to love what the team is doing and moving forward; flexibility, design, quality and communication – which were built together and thanks to INCH2 customers and based on their needs and desires. INCH2 team has been inspired with the idea from the beginning that made them working on building quality design products for people despite the existing challenges, stay enthusiastic and optimistic.

The products had been praised by the most fashionable audience, and now they are truly glad and proud to offer the excellent design and quality shoes to all of their fans around the globe. INCH2 team is constantly perfecting enjoyable wearing experience; this is an ongoing journey that will never stop. They adore the possibility to learn from their customers – their preferences, feeling of beauty and style, stay flexible and loyal. Such values would be keeping the team work on empowering men and women to stay classic and have quality products.


INCH2 shoes are exceptionally crafted starting from drawing a design ending with crafting and production involves over 800 manual operations of each shoe pair. That is an unusual level of craftsmanship, man hour and discipline all combined to create a pair of shoes. INCH2 crafted designer shoes are timeless; they never go out of fashion. Even when they are not in trend, they still retain their classic style as was the original intent of our designer Olga Peterson.

INCH2 brand and product copy is a problem as well which has been taken seriously by our team not only in the interest of our customers, who rely on the top quality and service they expect from INCH2 - it also protects our company, our brand, our employees and their jobs. Our designed shoes and bags trademark is registered and protected. The products of INCH2 brand can be ordered wholesale only from our official website and several official distribution channels that are mentioned in our web.


INCH2 team sees a huge potential in the wholesale area and they want their customers to be able to touch and feel the charisma and quality of INCH2 shoes before buying them, because this is something they are really proud about.

They plan to expand the assortment and please their clients with some delightful styles of casual clothing and accessories not only for ladies, but also for gentlemen. INCH2 team has plenty of ideas, they have just felt the taste of success and realized the amount of possibilities provided by Internet. This is the tool which erases all the borders when used wisely, provides with enormous possibilities, especially considering the fact – there is a tendency to move the offline sales online. It has a great potential for young companies because for them it is possible to react and adapt to new demands immediately. The strength of INCH2 – flexibility, they have not developed resistance to innovations, they “catch” the latest trends in e-commerce and put them to work for us.